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August 9, 2022

J.C. Lewis Serves has had the unique opportunity to work with W.E. MOVE Tutoring Group.  W.E. Move came to J.C. Lewis to borrow a van for its summer camp.  This was an amazing introduction to now what has become an annual partnership.  Each year J.C. Lewis can provide a way to join W.E. Move as its needs evolve.

What is W.E.MOVE Tutoring Group? W.E. are a customized tutoring service that provides 1-on1 and small group academic coaching, afterschool, and homeschool support to k12 learners!  Combining college students with k-12 learners develops and improves not only classroom skills but intercommunication skills and relationships.

We’re Moving Up, Nothing’s Gonna Hold Us Back!

That is the Summer chant for W.E. MOVE! students. W.E. MOVE! Tutoring Group provides a customized tutoring service for school-aged children who require additional assistance for academic challenge. W.E. MOVE! TG operates after school and as a Summer Camp providing innovative tutoring plans for prek-5th grade level youth based on the individual learning style and personalities to promote information retention and academic progress.

W.E. MOVE! Tutors are determined to see progress, to work with students, parents, and teachers to push past every barrier and towards academic success. Each student is assigned to two tutors, one on Mondays and Wednesdays and another on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This mix of support offers the added benefits of various learning styles and mentorship.

We loved reading about one of the W.E. Move Tutors on Georgia Southern Online, “Georgia Southern University senior Brittney Brown enjoys making a difference in the lives of young children. Through W.E. MOVE Tutoring Group, a nonprofit organization started by Georgia Southern staff member S. Marie Williams, Brown can do just that by tutoring and mentoring elementary school students.

Brittney Brown

“Being a part of W.E. MOVE helped me understand my importance as a young, educated Black woman,” Brown said. “I realized that I can truly make a difference for young children, especially in the education sector, one child at a time. It motivated me to pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching.”

Williams didn’t think she’d have to face the challenges of a pandemic when she started W.E. MOVE two summers ago. However, Williams and her Georgia Southern student tutors are gearing up to help elementary students virtually this summer in order to fight summer loss.”

If you would like to volunteer with W.E. Move Tutoring, please contact,  [email protected], or (912) 495-8550.  


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