J.C. Lewis Serves is Going Gold

July 15, 2019


Each day, 43 families in the United States will hear the words “your child has cancer.” In September, groups across the world focus their attention on pediatric cancer by mobilizing during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. While childhood cancer seems like an overwhelming problem, there are things you can do to help. CURE invests millions in life-saving research and your support – however big or small – will help to keep researchers moving forward until there is a cure for every child.

This year J.C. Lewis Ford is proud to host a gold bow making party for CURE Childhood Cancer, July 25.  We will also be a pick-up location for people who have pre-ordered their bows online at https://curegoldbows.org/collections/gold-bow-savannah.  Easily show your support of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and CURE Childhood Cancer by purchasing a gold bow for your mailbox or door!   As patients in our community pass homes with Gold Bows they recognize the level of community support felt for them as they fight for their life.

Join us and go gold this September.

CURE Childhood Cancer September One Sheet

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