J.C. Lewis Serves Drives Volunteerism

January 8, 2020

J.C. Lewis Serves began 2020 ordering and delivering waters for Cure Childhood Cancer to Memorial Health University Children’s Hospital.  J .C. Lewis Serves is founded on the idea of putting the needs of others first — a principal of J.C. Lewis Ford since 1912.  In 2020, J.C. Lewis Serves seeks to drive volunteerism with an increased focus.  J.C. Lewis Serves has learned of those in our community making each day count for those who need it.  J.C. Lewis Serves will be resource for our community members seeking to serve and those powerful organizations in need of volunteers.  

Through 25 Ways to Give this Christmas, we learned giving exceeds monetary contributions.  There are simple ways to serve that we want to share.”  J.C. Lewis Serves

If you have any upcoming projects of need for volunteers please contact us at [email protected].

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