J.C. Lewis celebrates Savannah Preservation

October 20, 2021

Historic Savannah Foundation (HSF) saves buildings, places, and stories that define Savannah’s past, present, and future. HSF preserves and protects Savannah’s heritage through advocacy, education and community involvement.  This weekend J.C. Lewis took part in the annual Historic Savannah Foundation Event.  It was the first return of the in person annual event.  There the community was reminded of the beauty of our beloved historic Savannah and those who have had an important role in its development.  We congratulate all those who took part in such a wonderful celebration of preservation.

J.C. Lewis is proud of its part to support organizations like HSF and continue our legacy of business and family in Savannah for over 100 years.  Serving Savannah and the surrounding communities is our priority.

Adam Van Brimmer wrote an article for the Savannah Morning News (SMN),

“To get an idea of how long J.C. Lewis Ford has been selling cars and trucks in Savannah, consider what the dealership accepted as a trade-in on their first deal. “A horse,” said Walter Lewis, who now heads the family business on Abercorn Street. “Or so we’ve been told.”

The SMN piece continues and describes the history of business with great local families, “His grandfather, Julius Curtis Lewis, bought the business from another long familiar name in Savannah’s business community, the Weeks family, in 1912. Jim Weeks was preoccupied with the business his father helped start, Fox & Weeks Funeral Directors, and all five of his sons turned down the opportunity to run the Ford dealership. . . .Lewis Jr. had six children, all of whom grew up around the business. Lewis III remembers as a boy visiting his father at work and spending hours “chasing my brothers and sisters around the dealership.” All worked part-time jobs with their father as teenagers, and all are active in the family businesses, in one form or another, today.”

The Savanah automotive industry has grown and developed the Southside and remained an active presence on Abercorn for over 100 years.  J.C. Lewis serves our neighbors and communities of each of our locations, those who impact youth, like PACK Savannah, preservation, like HSF and a wide range of incredible services organizations.  At J.C. Lewis we will continue to grow and create economic impact throughout our region while giving back to those who serve and preserve our community.

If you are interested in the work of the Historic Savannah Foundation, other service organizations or J.C. Lewis Serves please contact us.


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