J.C. Lewis visits the Jenkins Athletic Club

November 9, 2022

J.C. Lewis is a proud supporter of the Jenkins Athletic Club.  Basketball for Savannah’s youth is just the beginning of how the Jenkins Athletic Club impacts our community.  JAC is built on a history of hardwork and leadership demonstrated in the character of the organization as well as the children who learn life skills on the courts and the field.

In 1933, the late Judge Victor B. Jenkins founded the Jenkins Athletic Club, formerly known as Jefferson Athletic Club for boys until his death in 1961. During the 28 years under the leadership of Judge Jenkins, and through the longstanding sponsorship of the Exchange Club of Savannah, the JAC focused on providing youth athletic opportunities to fill a void for children in Savannah with virtually no athletic programs in the public schools at the time of Jenkins’ tenure.

To better reflect the growing organization, the Club was officially renamed the Jenkins Athletic Club in 2015 and today is a comprehensive youth athletics center for BOTH girls and boys. For nearly 90 years, the JAC (a 501c3 nonprofit organization) has thrived as a result of the tireless work and service of the JAC board of directors, its members, and loyal supporters all who are dedicated to carrying on the legacy of the late Judge Victor B. Jenkins.

One of the legendary pillars of the Jenkins Athletic Club is Billy Covington.  Billy Covington has served as the Jenkins Athletic Club Executive Director for more than 25 years. Under his leadership, he helped solidify the Club’s standing as a beacon for youth athletics for both girls and boys.  Billy Covington joined the Jenkins Athletic Club in 1967 as a young member:  “The staff and the mentors of the club were a big influence on my life. It got me into basketball, where I was able to get a college scholarship.”

Billy joined the program in 1967 and is currently JAC’s executive director, was able to enjoy the new amenities the club provided and spoke highly of the positive impact the JAC had on his life. “When I started going to the club, we already had a gymnasium and a swimming pool, so what I hear from the older guys is that I was one of the spoiled ones,” Covington said. “We had all the modern luxuries. The staff and the mentors of the club were a big influence on my life. It got me into basketball, where I was able to get a college scholarship.”

Many of Savannah’s youth grew up playing basketball at what was then called the “Boys Club.”  JAC has done an incredible job growing as the needs of Savannah’s youth have expanded.  It offers flag football, basketball, and tee ball.  J.C. Lewis is proud to play a small part in the success of the JAC with its support.  Saturday mornings would not be the same if there were not spent heading to watch either your children or grandchildren play one of the three sports.

If you would like to join us supporting JAC please email [email protected].



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